Celebrate Your Strengths!

What is a Strong Moment?

Strong moments are those activities or situations when...

YOU ROCK! You are jazzed! You are at your best. You feel like you are "In the Zone".
You feel like time has flown by.
You say, "I wish I could do more of this!"

Share Your Strong Moments!

Strong Moment Examples

Need some inspiration? Here are a few real live strong moments to get you started.

  • I feel strong when I can utilize new technologies to assist co-workers.

    John Albaugh.
  • I feel strong when I am actively working with a client to create a strategy for a solution. The times I am collaborating and brainstorming are my favorite aspects of my job.

    Lynn Middleton
  • I feel strong at conferences, forming bonds with current clients, prospective clients, and other vendors.

    Henry Sery

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