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Why Strengths

Western culture is obsessed with weaknesses and finding ways to remediate these deficiencies in individuals...

Living a Strengths-Based Life means focusing on your talents - on what you do well. When your talents are identified, developed into strengths, and those strengths intentionally leveraged, the result is a more engaged you.

The concept is simple yet powerful. When you are doing what you do best most of the time, you become a stronger team member. When you are engaged and contributing in an intentional way to a strong team, then everyone wins.

Strong individuals make up strong teams.
Strong teams make great organizations
Strong individuals and teams engender flourishing communities.

How do I live a Strengths-Based Life?

It all begins with the identification or your unique talent combination. This initial pinpointing of your talents can be accomplished in many ways, but is the foundational part of a focus on Strengths. Once identified, these talents can be validated, developed into true strengths, and leveraged in all areas of life.

You can use one of many strengths assessments to help you identify your strengths, or you can simply reflect on those times when you are at your best. Those moments when you are in the zone or those activities that seem to make time fly usually involve your strengths. Those work activities or projects that you love working on and look forward to doing more of undoubtedly involve the use of your strengths.

Are there any Strengths Assessments that you recommend?

Two relatively inexpensive online tools that we like are Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 (with a version for students found at Strengthsquest.com) and The Marcus Buckingham Company’s StandOut. Another option that is a free Character Strengths assessment is the VIAMe! from the VIA institute on Character.

So whether you take an assessment or just take a personal inventory, identify your unique strengths and push your time and your life towards those very things! That’s what the Strong New Day project is all about...

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