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Working on a Strengths Based Team Fundamentally Changes the Dynamic of Any Workplace

Written By Jim S., Maryland

The concept of strengths has definitely made an impact on how I live my life. Whether its how I interact with my family and friends or how I approach my work life, focusing on strengths enhances my daily life.

Individuals naturally gravitate to what they do best or enjoy most, but society tends to focus on the negative, or deficiencies that may exist. After learning about a strength-based philosophy, I became extremely aware of this fact and how it negatively impacts countless people. If more people are shown that focusing on what they do best is not only okay, but an instrumental way to finding success and self-confidence, they would be much better off.

Working on a strengths based team fundamentally changes the dynamic of any workplace. Of course it is still healthy and beneficial to grow and learn new things, at a certain point it behooves a company and its employees to focus on what they do best and what motivates them individually. Typically, each job position attracts people with similar skills and interests, but within each department of a company, each person will have unique strengths and passions, that when fully realized, can be used to empower and satisfy that person in such a way to benefit everyone involved.

My strengths include positivity and an enthusiasm for learning, and after focusing on these as skills, it became easier to determine the best way to use these traits to guide how I work with others around me and improve my own workflow. I tend to be very outgoing and this is recognized as I get to embellish this in my work life. Other coworkers of mine have very different personality types and that is equally respected and focused on in its own way. That is a perfect representation of strengths in action. My workload is affected in several ways within a strengths based company. When I see an opportunity that interests me, I can bring that up to my manager and actually get involved with that project. Even if something is a bit outside of my job description, my interests and opinions are taken seriously and acted on in a very real way. Another fundamental way that my daily work life is affected is when my employers see that I have had positive experiences with a particular task, it is more likely that I will see these types of tasks again. It's nice to become proficient at tasks I enjoy, and this leads to more productivity.

Given the choice, a strengths based approach to life is the philosophy that best suits my needs. I see the strengths in others and play to those traits to keep friends, family and coworkers happy and motivated.