Shipping and Logistics Company Ready for Make Versus Buy Decision

The client identified a need to evaluate software options to accommodate growing operational needs. The current brokerage software had begun to reach its limit several years ago, but finding the right software solution would prove to be a challenge. After creating extensive build requirements for a potential custom solution, the company decided to make due with its current solution until a better alternative could be found. The continued wear and tear on the system and database structure over the next four years would force the client to reevaluate their options.

Ituha Group extracted nearly 100 core requirements from eight functionality groups that were present in the client’s existing platform to use in order to evaluate the new software platforms. Ituha Group also identified 14 key features to be added to the requirements that would allow for more extensive review of the evaluated software's capabilities versus the existing solution.

The project was a seven-step process that encapsulated functionality, ability for future growth, cost considerations, as well as recommendations for appropriate solutions.

Requirement Gatherings

  • Define current functionality and processes
  • Establish desired functionality and capability

Scope and Acceptance

  • Suggest security and enhanced capabilities
  • Collaborate with client on final scope

Identification of Vendors

  • 23 vendors identified
  • Five comprehensive reports created

Evaluation of Solutions

  • Each Solution scored with grade and overall score
  • Included perceptions of User Interface

Report Creation

  • Final report in bound, hard-copy format, as well as zip file. Included in-depth analysis solutions provided.

Presentation of Findings

  • Three-hour presentation conducted on-site with client. Session included discussion around make vs. buy.

Optional On-site Demo

  • Option to conduct demonstration on site for each solution.

Research revealed a number of implicit and explicit functional requirements. Additionally, the project brought forward conversations, validations of processes and introduced opportunities for future operations. The following came revelations came from the project:

  • Two software solutions can fill the current need
  • Internal processes validated
  • Opportunities discovered for reporting enhancements and other functional
  • Make decision moved from mandatory make to consideration of a new solution


  • Saved over seven months over conducting research internally
  • Identified solutions with lower investment upfront to meet an immediate need

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