Employee-centered organizations that acknowledge and further develop each employee’s talent are crucial to retaining the right people and, in turn, keeping operational costs low. These strengths-based workplaces build an environment where employees understand what they bring to the team, and managers can leverage that talent each day.

Cultivating a strengths-based workplace focused on developing individual talents is the first step to a dynamic and talented team. Our Foundation of Strengths Process examines existing talent management programs currently in place and focuses on implementing a strengths-based culture.

The Foundation of Strength Process is grounded in these areas:

  • Individual Strengths
    Talent identification and development sessions for employees at all levels. This process guides individuals through identifying talents, articulating strengths, and setting goals for strengths development.

  • Leadership Development
    Professional development sessions for both executive leadership and management teams. These sessions introduce the strengths-based management model and train for management skills that are critical to sustaining engaged and productive employees.

  • Culture & Performance
    Coaching, feedback, and collaboration practices are re-aligned with the strengths approach. As well, performance review system revision and redesign is centered around the creation of a strengths based performance review system.

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