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With about 4 million users and 11 million visits in just one week of this past December, Pinterest is the new social media that has serious potential for businesses to share their online content with their fans and customers.

Pinterest is a social media site that allows its users to save images to their own collection of themed, digital pin boards. When a user visits a website, at which they enjoy an image or video, they can simply click on their "Pin It" bookmarklet and the photos or videos that are available to pin to their board can be chosen and pinned to the specific board it will display on. After, adding text describing what this pin means to them, the pin will be saved to their board with a direct link to the website the image was viewed. Just by clicking on the pin from their board, the user or another Pinterest user can be directed to the site that the image originated from.

Pinterest Benefits Businesses

If your business has products or services that are visually appealing, this image based social media format can work as a dynamic catalog to your current customers and potential customers. Pinterest makes it easy for potential customers to leave themselves a visual reminder to return to your product to finalize a transaction with you while also leading others to your product for free.

How does it compare to other social sites?

While many businesses are not looking for another social site to manage a profile on, Pinterest takes little effort to update for a stronger return in product visibility. In contrast to Facebook, any Pinterest user has the potential to view your pin because pins are accessible by the entire community, not just your followers. Additionally, the complete attention of the user is easily captured by the simple structure of the site that is not overwhelmed with too many features, advertisements, or multiple feeds that can disengage users.

Pinterest generates a more productive feeling in its users and inspires them to take physical action after logging off the social site, unlike many others where a user feels drained of their time. Some of these real world acts include but are not limited to cooking, crafting, exercising, and purchasing using the influence and knowledge they found in their pins.

How does Pinterest make it easy to market?

Pinterest is very search engine optimization friendly beginning with your profile. By default, each user profile is viewable by search engines, unless they choose the option to hide their profile from search engines. The "About" description can be utilized to include keywords about your business, and you can set your business location with your city and state name.

The ease continues with the capability of your profile by allowing you to link directly to Your company’s website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account. Then, from each pin you have the easy option to cross promote your pins on Facebook and Twitter.

How can Pinterest be used for link building?

Currently, Pinterest has not included rel="nofollow" in links added by users to the service. "Nofollow" provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines to not follow a specific link when indexing their page so Pinterest’s links can currently provide a ranking benefit. It has been speculated that rel="nofollow" has been omitted to lure more usage growth, but Pinterest has made no indication it will stay omitted or be added in the future.

Each pin equals at least two links to your website. If a user browses your website and uses the "Pin It" bookmarklet or creates a pin and includes your website’s URL in the link section your website is linked back to twice automatically. These two links are included in the image and the top right hand corner detailed "from". In any pin a third link can also be found if the URL is included in the description or comments.

Not only can a user create a new pin from a website they are browsing, any number of users can also "repin" a pin that already exists to their own boards; therefore, when a large number of people repin a pin a good set of backlinks can be cataloged quickly with little effort.

For example, Mod Cloth joined Pinterest in 2011, and it is already one of’s top unpaid referral sites in terms of traffic and revenue.

How should you get started?

See what images have already been pinned from your website, by typing into your browser and changing to your company’s actual website. All of the pins that lead to your website will show up in one page including different images and different Pinterest users. Note which images or posts have shown up most commonly to understand which pins you should create around your own business specific boards when you begin your Pinterest profile.

Get Started with Pinterest for Business
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