A company’s greatest resource is its people. At Ituha Group, we take this saying to heart. We believe for a company to flourish, company leaders must create a culture based on employee strengths and focused on engaging employees at every turn.

All too often, managers lack the understanding of how they can best help their employees play to their strengths. The solution, which often requires a shift in thinking, is having managers skilled in supporting the strengths-based model; moving from micromanaging outcomes to acting as a catalyst for employees will develop and sustain a culture of engagement.

To accomplish this, business leaders must first understand their own unique leadership strengths and be willing to develop complementary skills to improve management efficiency. Ituha Group’s Leadership consulting services strengthen a manager’s recognition of his or her employees’ strengths, consequently allowing him or her to capitalize on the talent that already exists within an organization.

Leadership consulting services are offered at both an executive and management level. Professional development executive sessions introduce the strengths-based leadership model and center on improving the leadership team’s effectiveness. Professional development sessions for management also introduce the strengths-based model, but focus primarily on management skills critical to sustaining a productive team of employees.

No matter which level best fits your needs, in-depth training will be provided about:

  • Mapping team members' talent themes into four leadership domains

  • Leveraging the strengths of your employees through strengths-based management

  • Implementing strengths-based employee evaluations and professional development

Begin Developing Your Company Leaders

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