At Ituha Group, we work with our clients as partners and with each other as valued teammates. We believe a culture of strengths will lead to enduring prosperity for our people and the clients we serve.

We stay grounded and steady on this course by following these Core Values:


We are a company of strengths. We believe in the strengths of each individual and will nurture the natural talents that are the foundation of these strengths. We play to our clients’ strengths and seek to extend them.


We’re earnest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of people who genuinely want the best for our people, partners, clients, and community. We care enough, in fact, to tell it like it is, in straightforward and direct language.

One team.

We believe that a team is strengthened when its members bring to it what they do best and that each person should give freely of those strengths for the team. We believe that anything is possible when we harness our collective strengths to work together, both inside our offices and when we’re in yours.


For new ideas, different perspectives, and the possibility that currently held beliefs could be mistaken. Both internally and externally, we approach each person and each moment as an opportunity to build lasting, productive relationships built on caring, trust, and openness.

Managed hijinks.

Sports team rivalries, birthday wheels of delight as well as cake, theme days, dogs v. cats, and fun client visits. All part of a serious culture studded with moments of managed silliness and hilarity.


We believe in the identification of, capturing of, and celebration of our strong moments and our clients’ successes. We're rewarded when our clients see the results they want – from our shared drive and ambition.

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