HOW TO MANAGE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING   |    Contributed by Chelsea Frye

In today’s world, social media’s influence is more widely visible throughout many types of advertising platforms. Recommendations from friends in social networks are showing in search engine results. Television commercials feature crowds of people using their smart phones to connect socially. Even in print advertising, you see references encouraging readers to "Like" a company on Facebook.

Managing and monitoring a Facebook business page requires a lot of time and effort. It also takes time to establish your company among the Facebook community and to build a following of fans. One way to entice qualified people to follow your brand is to use Facebook Advertising.

It is important to make sure you are targeting the right people when developing your Facebook presence. Facebook Advertising provides the opportunity to target people who indicate an interest in what you offer, and it allows you the chance to capture those users into a new "Like." Anyone can "Like" your page, but the best approach is to find people who like what you specialize in and who may eventually turn into customers.

How to Get Started

Consider these best practices when using Facebook Advertising:

Set a reasonable budget

Facebook Advertising allows you to choose a daily or monthly budget. You also have two options to choose from when deciding how your budget is spent: cost per impression or cost per click. The cost per impression option means you will be charged "x" for every 1,000 times your ad is shown on Facebook. You set a bid for what you are willing to pay for each 1,000 impressions, and, based on that, Facebook decides how often to show your ads. We’ve seen the actual costs per 1,000 impressions be anywhere from $.10 to $.95. These will vary based on your industry and competition. The other option is to pay for each click your ads receive. You also set a bid for how much you are willing to pay for each click, and Facebook will designate those ads as they see fit.

Set targeting parameters

Facebook makes the process of creating an ad simple. You choose an image to display, and a fixed amount of text space is provided to you. You can also decide where to send your fans, whether that is the standard Wall tab or a customized landing tab. Then you choose which Facebook users you'd like to target. If you have Google Analytics tracking for your website, you can choose the top states, cities or general regions your website visitors come from. There are options to target by gender, relationship status, education level, area of employment and more. The most important area to consider is the interests section. Pick a number of keywords or search terms that relate to you what you offer. The more specific you get, the better qualified users you will capture.

Monitor and test

Once you have created an ad or several ads, be sure to monitor their progress on a daily basis. Ads will get "stale" over time and will need targeting adjustments if the initial audience has been overexposed. Test out different images and copy to see what converts well. Look at the difference between clicks and connections to see what improvements can be made for spending your budget wiser. Be consistent with your ads and stay relevant.

Learn How to Manage Your Facebook Advertising
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