At Ituha Group, we’re always on the lookout for earnest, talented, and creative professionals with independent minds and original thinking and who crave being part of a tight-knit, hard-working but also sometimes silly group of people.

If you live far away from Columbia, Maryland, we want you to know that you’ll probably have to relocate somewhere nearby. Luckily, we’re not far from two great cities, Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC, so there’s plenty to do around here. Add in the beautiful flora and fauna, many lakes and parks, great schools, and only a few hours’ drive to Ocean City – Maryland's answer to Coney Island, Venice Beach, and Miami’s South Beach – and you’ve got yourself a great overall region to live, work, and play in.

If all this sounds right up your alley, follow the directions below.

To apply at Ituha Group:

  1. Check out Development and Consulting Services to see if you have the knowledge and experience to add value to the service areas we offer. If you’re pretty sure that your skills match one or more things on those pages, proceed to step number 2.

  2. Read about our company, paying special attention to our approach, our people, and our values. If you like the company culture we describe and won't mind signing an oath to conduct yourself in the spirit described, go to step number 3.

  3. Send your curriculum vitae to


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