Ituha Academy is our ongoing series of invaluable and easily digestible webinars that equip you with practical, hands-on knowledge. Our expert panelists, who are often called upon to speak at industry conferences, walk you through ideas, tips, and techniques that you can immediately apply to your business practices.

Upcoming Ituha Webinars:

Making the Case for Strengths Based Organizations
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In this webinar we will explore how a focus on strengths can bring an organization higher engagement levels among employees, more productive and diverse teams, and an overall stronger sense of shared purpose company-wide. We will explore the real story of an organization that was transformed from one fraught with destructive and competitive silos to one filled with engaged and empowered teams. This metamorphosis was made possible by leadership who believed in the power of making strengths the cornerstone of their company culture.
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