Culture & Performance

Sustaining a culture of strengths requires the integration of the strengths approach into not only the management practices of the organization, but in other aspects of the company culture as well. Coaching, recognition, goal-setting and measuring performance should all be aligned with a strengths focus. These are all opportunities to acknowledge and validate employees’ strengths as well as mitigate, rather than remediate, weaknesses.

A fundamental approach to high employee engagement and success is a performance management process that drives performance rather than monitoring and correcting it. When employees are empowered to be a contributor of their own progress, they develop a strong sense of personal responsibility for their performance and success.

An effective performance management system drives success. Our performance management services allow a business to develop an efficient performance management system that defines what success looks like for each team member. Real-time, ongoing feedback from multiple sources impacts the potential of individual team members and creates a dynamic performance management system.

As an integral part of our Foundation of Strengths Process, our performance management services:

  • Identify the desired outcomes of an effective performance review system

  • Revise and redesign existing performance review systems

  • Provide implementation plans for new employee coaching, recognition, and evaluation systems

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